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Charles Jang - Ming Ding
Raised in New York, Charles is a second generation Korean-American. He began dabbling with the performing arts in high school improvisation workshops, staged skit performances, and nunchaku (martial arts) demonstrations. Although he initially chose an economics major in college, Charles continued attending acting classes and workshops. In 2000, he spent a year in Taiwan studying Mandarin (one of the requirements for the Ming Ding role). After returning to the States, Charles unexpectedly started working on film and tv sets which led to looking at acting as more than a hobby. As of Summer 2003, he was admitted into the Screen Actors Guild. This is his first leading role in a feature film.


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Jeng-Hua Yu - Young
Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Jeng-Hua received his BA in Drama and Cinema at the Chinese Cultural University in Taipei. He came to the States in 2001 for further Performing Arts studies at NYU.

Take Out is Jeng-Hua's first feature film, having starred in numerous stage productions, commercials and short films.

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