Take Out title

Wang-Thye Lee - Big Sister
Born and raised in Malaysia, Ms. Lee is the film's only non-profesional in a major role. She has worked in a take-out restaurant herself for close to ten years. Genuine and incredibly appealing, Ms. Lee caught the eyes of Shih-Ching and Sean duaring the film's location scouting. She was immediately cast for the role of Big Sister. Besides constributing her fresh presence and vanity-free acting skills, she acted as a cultural consultant for the production and was very helpful in the film's research and the filmmaker's quest for accuracy and realism.


  Justin Wan - Wei
Justin was born and raised in Singapore. He recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans in May 2002. He was awarded the Marcus B.Christian scholarship by the dean of the Graduate School. Before he came over to the United States to do his Master, he worked as an Assistant Producer with the Television Corporation of Singapore. Besides writing and directing his own projects, he also dabbles onto acting whenever oppertunities arise.
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